Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paint the Town -- house painters in West Philly

Tony, who is my buddy and also the main squeeze of my friend and comrade Shayna, paints houses and you probably want him to paint yours. Let's face it, you could use a touch-up.
Paint The Town Painters is a West Philly painting company specializing in interior/exterior custom house painting as well as carpentry, floor sanding and finish, tiling, dry wall and finish, structural rehab and decorative painting. Call Anthony Cesa at this phone number: (two one five) two eight seven, 3295. Licensed and insured.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive is looking for an intern!

This was brought to my attention by Tyneisha, who broke our hearts when she moved away but then she came back. She used to work at the co-op so she knows about stuff. She reminds me not to talk to white boys too much, which is helpful. (In all things, moderation!)



Northeast Event Planning Intern

Company Description:  CoFED - the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive - is a national cooperative network and training program committed to empowering students to create ethically-sourced, cooperatively-run food enterprises on college campuses. CoFED provides week-long retreats and resources with our regional organizers to support student groups as they open up their own food co-ops on their campus. Our mission is to cultivate a more sustainable, community-oriented culture through college campuses.

We’re looking for a fast-learning intern interested in sustainable food movements, event planning and/or cooperative careers and alternative business to support the development of CoFED’s events in the northeast, including but not limited to our National Winter Summit. This position will require attention to detail and a willingness to learn on your feet and take initiative on projects.

Hours: 10-20 hours a week, depending on the week

Job Duties:   
  • Assisting the Regional Organizer and related CoFED Staff in all aspects of planning for each event, including but not limited to:
    • Searching for and securing suitable locations
    • Securing food donations through sustainable food organizations/companies
    • Corresponding and following up with speakers and students
    • Developing registration documents, creative tracking processes and ticketing
    • Development of publicity materials and strategy
    • Brainstorming event themes and activities + creative implementation
    • Developing and/or assisting with fundraising events
  • Self-directed projects
    • Potential opportunities to create and lead relevant workshops.
  • Free admission to retreats and discounted admission to relevant food conferences, food events and/or dinner parties
  • Gain skills in online management tools and event planning;
  • Exposure to cooperative businesses, consensus decision-making processes, anti-oppression training, food justice and related concepts in action;
  • Excellent networking opportunities with influential movers and shakers in the food movement;
  • Experience working with a small team in a fast-paced, professional environment where your ideas and input are valued and desired;
  • Entrance into a nationally-recognized organization within a quickly growing field;
  • Professional support and connections through advisers and partnering organizations
  • Demonstrated interest in sustainable food movements, cooperative movements and/or sustainable and alternative business.
  • Students/recent graduates in the Philadelphia metropolitan area will be given preference.
  • Experience planning events in school or elsewhere.
  • Ability to take initiative, work independently and intuit responsibilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Comfort working virtually and in person.
  • Experience with GoogleDocs, Excel, etc.
  • Ability to dedicate 10 - 20 hours per week until at least January 8 , 2013
Job Begins:  ASAP! If the candidate is a good fit, the position can be extended and customized.

Compensation: Stipend available depending on experience. CoFed staff will commit time to supporting professional development and connecting to opportunities.

To apply:Please send a cover letter describing your relevant event planning experience, qualifications, goals, and expectations along with your current resume through CoFED’s application form: .

Applications received before October 30th will be given priority, but applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until position is filled.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

West PHL Dec/Jan: Sublet Kim's room!

Yo the friends,
Kimmie is subletting her room (her description: awesome people and awesome kitties) for December and January. Kim herself is one of the most delightful, crafty, resourceful, loyal, loving, and foul-mouthed people I have ever had the pleasure to call a beloved friend. And I know a whole lot of crafty, foul-mouthed people. (You're probably one of them, LBH.) Maybe you should live there. It's a little off the beaten track of my West Philly crew -- north of what we've effectively gentrified -- maybe you're into that kind of thing.



Friday, October 19, 2012

Perspective: Donate supplies to the clinic!

I'm volunteering at a fancy benefit tonight. What am I going to wear? Will I shave my legs? Will I meet a babe?

Sometimes we need a little perspective. For example, I am going to wear this white strapless dress that has pockets, duh, because it's fancy and it has pockets. And for example, there is absolutely no way that I can know ahead of time whether I will meet a babe -- but I know for a fact I will see several dear friends.

Perspective can come in many forms. Here is one:
The free clinic I volunteer at in Kensington, one of my all-time favorite projects, has listed the supplies we most need at this time. And yeah, soap is on that list. Bam perspective. Let me know if you have things to donate; I try to run things up there quarterly.

Hotel sized soap, shampoo and lotion.
     Disposable razors
     Large bottles of shampoo
     Generic multivitamins (one a day)
     Vitamin C 500 mg
     Ibuprofen 200 mg. 
     SEPTA tokens
     Over the counter reading glasses
     Cough drops
     Snack sized ziploc baggies
     and as always: prayers and volunteer dentists

West Philly housemate required!

 Timothy sent this to me. Timothy is a muffin/muffin/horse, if you know what I mean. He is not joking about having a gentle pitbull, and he is really a delight. I first met him related to radical cheerleading (which maybe we both were and maybe neither), but we had the same friends in high school despite being separated by the Jersey wasteland. (Sorry, you know it's all love with me and Jersey but I am from Philly and we have to rib.)

I don't know about the others, but Timothy has been living in shared housing for, like, ever and I would think his house would be on the High-Functioning Communal Housing list. Hey we should have that list too!


David Bowie's Cousin's House is looking for a new housemate starting November 1. The open room is medium-sized, with two windows and a large closet. Rent is around $250 a month.
We're a seven-bedroom semi-collective house in West Philly. We often cook together, share veggies and order bulk food staples as a house. Our home includes six awesome people (seven with you!) and one very sweet and gentle pit bull. We are mostly queer, and we range in age from 23 to 34. We're a friendly, low-key house - not a party house! - and we like to keep our home clean and tidy. We also like to hang out in the kitchen, have house dinners and dinner parties, and do fun projects together.

The house is a large, clean and spacious three-story row house with lots of shared space, including a big kitchen, dining room, living room and a backyard with a small porch and a mulberry tree. There is also a large attic with a crafting area, and a basement with a washer/dryer, carpentry and bike tools, a work bench, and storage space. We're across the street from the Kingsessing Public Library, and conveniently located a block from the 13 trolley stop and two blocks from the 11 trolley.

You might be a good fit for our house if:
- you're queer friendly and trans friendly
- you're excited about collective living and a tidy house
- you don't come with any cats or dogs
- you're looking for a place to call home, not just a room to rent

If you're interested, please email davidbowiescousin [at] gmail [dot] com and tell us a bit about yourself, what you are looking for in a house, and why you're excited about joining our home!

Monday, October 8, 2012

West PHL: Seeking housemate to share a wonderful old home (sublet or longer term)

Sarah sent me this. Sarah is pretty fabulous, she's friendly and short and has good politics and social skills. She also has a washer and dryer. I have to tell you, I am beyond jealous of whoever gets to live in this gorgeous house with this fun chill person.
The House: Share a 1925 row house, 1 block from Cedar Park, Baltimore Avenue, and the trolley. The house is two floors with tons of space and lots of old charm. Shared spaces include -- big living room, dining room with a sky light, backyard with a veggie garden and compost, 1.5 baths, a claw foot tub, a huge basement for crafting and projects, and a W/D. There's a great front porch for city watching. The entire house has hardwood floors.

The Room: Really large with built in drawers into the wall, and two large windows that get lots of light.

Me: I cook lots and love to host dinner parties. I am at work during the day and in and out evenings. Crafter, homeowner 32, vegetarian.

You: Excited to share space in a home where there's lots of space to do your own thing. Neatish in common areas. Responsible, and lovely.

The Details: The rooms ready in October. Rent 625, utilities included. No pets. 
                     Rent can be flexed for sublets and for shorter term.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

$1000 Lg room in beautiful shared 3 br (Ditmas Park, Brooklyn)

My beloved friend Heath needs a new housemate in Brooklyn. Read on!

*******fast facts before you read on:
*1 bedroom available in a 3-bedroom apartment in my fantastic building on Dorchester Rd in Ditmas Park.
* Total rent is 2850, split by room: $1150, $1000, and $700. The small room is spoken for, but yours could be a very large room with its own bathroom, or a very large room. Both have substantial closet space.
*this 3rd floor apartment has 2 bathrooms, a terrace, a dishwasher, and is completely redone.
* The building has laundry downstairs, an elevator, a doorman, is impeccably maintained, a great landlord.
* We have already hit our pet-limit at 3 super friendly cats. Sorry, no more pets, please.
* October 1 move-in.

******the scoop!!
The building is *fantastic*. Well-maintained, beautifully redone apartments, awesome block, awesome neighborhood (1 block from the Cortelyou Q, a few more to the Newkirk B/Q), really friendly tenants and neighbors that are really diverse in race, age, family structure, sexuality, etc. Many tenants are long-term residents of the building.

In this 3 bedroom apartment, you will find: a terrace, a really large common area, new showers and tubs, a new refrigerator and a dishwasher, more closet space than you've ever seen before, and a built-in cabinet. It's incredible. Oh also, there's on-site laundry.

******who're we?
Housemate 1: I am a 34 year old genderfluid, queer woman. i am a 10th year NYC public school science teacher. in my free time i co-organize a CSA, run radical educator workshops and meetings, practice karate and speaking spanish, and bike ride. i would consider myself intense in my passions and committments, and gentle in my relationships and friendships.

Housemate 2: 33 year old working class, Jewish, white, gender-variant dyke. Originally from Seattle and in the Northeast since 2003 (NYC and Philly). Currently a social worker/gay-for-pay, but I do a ton of other stuff on the side. I love to have dinner parties, hang out with my cat and watch silly television, bake, do yoga, and adventure about town. I'm a straightforward communicator, but also kind, committed, and compassionate. I've been living alone for the past year and am really excited to live with others again.

What we're looking for: A communicative, responsible, accountable, playful, charming, low-drama housemate to share our home with. Someone who's tidy (but can stand some lived-in-ness), who's into sharing a meal or a drink or some tea together (but who also has their own things going), and who is super queer and trans friendly. And has a steady source of income.

Interested drop us a line about yourself and what you're looking for in a house. (heath.mackenzie at gmail)

Dorchester at 18th St

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tutor a tween in art!

This is from my bestie, Sharon. She is a West Philly artist herself, but she is very busy running a highly successful dog-walking/pet-care company. So she recommends that you look into this excellent opportunity for fun and awesomeness!!

hey West Philly artists-

I heard about a job opportunity to tutor a tween girl one-on-one, once a week or so, in art! Her mom wants her to have a mentor and learn lots of different media and styles. It sounds awesome, so get in touch with me if you want more info!

You can drop a comment here, hit me up for Sharon's info or (since you know me) maybe you know Sharon and can contact her directly. I love her. We recently had delicious Indian food together and she wisely ordered nan without which we would have been bereft and distraught and beside ourselves and everything would have been tragic. I'm just saying, Sharon knows how to order Indian food so you should trust her on this.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lactation classes for care providers! Nurses, doulas, etc.

My buddy Carrie, a midwife and nurse, and her friend Kay are teaching lactation classes. This is very exciting! Also exciting is if I can figure out how to attach the flyer directly here so you can see all the details.

The flyer

Thursday, September 13, 2012

RN and OT in search of positions...

I have two friends, an RN and an OT, who've recently contacted me asking for any leads on jobs in their respective fields. They are each a delight and destined to be really good at their jobs. Please send any leads!! They are both somewhat flexible at this point and would consider things slightly outside their normal scope, so think big.

Thanks, community!!!