Friday, July 24, 2009

Friend looking for a one-bedroom in West Philly

My BFF Sharon says "one of our good friends, Kara S., is looking for a place in West Philly, preferably in the 45th-49th street, Baltimore-ish hood. She wants a 1 bedroom that is not too expensive or too run-down and wants to pay about 750. Apparently everything she's looked at is dirty and small for 650 or kinda meh for 875."

Let us know if you hear of anything! (Drop a comment, facebook us, email me.)


  1. i need to switch the lease on my old apt on 49th and cedar to someone for sept 1. it's a GORGEOUS apt. 2 bedrooms, attic access, kitchen, laundry in building. 810 rent. year lease. a ton of space, really perfect space with lots of light and beauty