Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Home for Wayward Girls is in search of more wayward girls

My buddies Bea and Tara are looking for more housemates for their West Philly house, starting August 1st; I can personally certify that it's a beautiful space:

We're on the 2nd and 3rd floors of an old west Philly row house with lots of hardwood floors and original woodwork, lots of sunlight, a huge gorgeous living room, and 2 full bathrooms.

You'll be sharing this lovely space with (for sure):

Tara, who owns the place, works with queer youth, teaches earth-based spirituality, and likes babies and dance parties.

Bea, who sews things, thinks about queer theory and zombies a lot, and likes bicycles, her dog, sunshine, climbing trees and being up in the air.

Roo, who's a dog and maybe also a jackalope or gazelle, and likes running, chasing sticks but bringing back different sticks, spooning, going up and down stairs, and turning around3 times before lying down in the sun.

We also have 2 downstairs neighbors with whom we share laundry, a backyard, campfires, lesbian guitar sing-alongs, and much of our social circle.

Upstairs, we bake a whole lot, sometimes eat brunch together, have a CSA farmshare through the farmer's market a block away, and periodically have things like Queer Theory Open Mic.

The house is trans-positive, currently hella queer, and Roo and Bea are the only ones who aren't from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Rent is in the 400-500 range, depending on the room, and that can be inclusive of water, internet, gas and electric (or the utilities can be separate if you want).

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