Sunday, January 24, 2010

$412 Univeristy City/ West Philly room/sublet offered

Sonrisa is looking for a subletter! You may remember her from such events as the Riot Grrl Cover Band Shows, playing with the dogs in Clark Park, the erstwhile Hottt off the Press! Printing collective, and going to NYC regularly without thinking it's better than Philly in any way.

Sublet offered from now until august at the latest.

THE APARTMENT: 3rd floor walk up on the corner of 44th and chestnut in west philly. In close proximity (around the corner/down the street) to: Supreme, the Green Line cafe, Kaffa Crossing, aldi, Septa, the Second Mile, Abyssinia, a fruit truck, cafes, Saad's, a laundry mat, hardware store, etc. 4 blocks away from the walnut street west library. The apartment itself has high ceilings, a long hallway leading to my room, an extra room, a place for bikes, a sizeable living room and a large roof deck with an awesome view of the city. The kitchen is small but has an awesome skylight and more than enough cabinet space. The available room is large (not sure of the dimensions) and past the kitchen. It has no closets but there are two poles built in to the wall to hang clothes from. The room is not furnished with the exception of a box spring and a sewing table so the more stuff you have the better. My room and it are separated by the kitchen and some hallway so sound traveling has never been a problem. Water is included in our rent, and gas/electric/internet comes out to about $40 bucks a month, Rent in total is $825 split half way ($412.50)

ME: I'm a 23 year old latina/black female who works a lot and is in and out of town most weekends. When not out and about working/riding my bikes/at the cafe down the street/the library, i can be found in my room listening to music and practicing bass. I have a ton of movies and can also be found in the living room watching one with a friend. I'm down with punks radicals and weirdos of the friendly variety and am a life long gay/queer/trans allies and have many friends in those communities and want to keep my home a safe space, so if you are uncomfortable with that you will be uncomfortable living with me.

YOU: I'm looking for a roommate who will be chill and down with me and all of the communities i belong to/ support. This means someone who is down with the gays browns and weirdos, be socially conscious and retain their sense of humor. I've lived with all kinds of people and have no preference as far as gender, sexuality, age, race, etc. Tidiness is important but not overly so, i leave my shit lying around sometimes but not excessively. Smoking's cool just not in the house (it's what the roofdeck/windows are for). I'm pretty laid back. Honestly if you always lock the door, do your dishes and wipe the counter we'll probably be friends for life.

Comment below if you're interested. Thanks!

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