Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Noah's cat is looking for a sublet!

Cousin Noah's sweet cat Ali needs a home for the next few months. Can you help?

Hey friends,

I'm looking for a home for my dear cat, Ali, from now until July. Our subletter is allergic.

Can you help spread the word?Ali is a seven-year-old tortoise shell. I've had her since she was a kitten. Warning: Cute photos attached!
She's very affectionate on her own terms -- she doesn't like to be picked up and held, but if you're lying down, she loves to come lay on you. She gets under the covers at night and snuggles in close. She loves to play with cat toys. Ali is a true companion with a real personality.

She's an inside/outside cat, so I'm looking for a home where that's possible and safe. She's spayed and vaccinated and in good health. I'll provide food, cat toys, and whatnot.
Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested.



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