Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sub-let from February 1 through June/July

This is from the fabulous Meg, everyone's favorite redhead! Except for Marcie and Katharine Hepburn, who are fierce competition. Meg needs a subletter -- comment below or contact her directly if you know how. The rent is $387.50.
This is to sublet one bedroom in a two-bed apartment February 1 through July 1 (possibly the end of July). My apartment is just lovely, and I am very sad to leave it. There is a possibility that my room might come some-what furnished; we can talk about what would work best for the both of us. The room is the bigger one of the two and has a huge closet and built in bookshelf. You would be responsible for paying half of the gas, electric and internet bills every month. If you drive there is plenty of free parking!

The apartment is close to the 34 Trolley, Mariposa Co-op, Fuwah, Dahlak, Vientiane Cafe, GreenLine Cafe....and the list continues...

About my roommate: She is awesome, creative, open and laid-back. she is queer/trans friendly. She works a lot and is usually home in the evening after 8. Enjoys cooking. Plays music and is easy to talk to. Also, she likes doing her share of cleaning the dishes and taking out the trash. (You two can negotiate house chores.)

Oh, and our landlords are extremely responsive, friendly and accommodating. The only thing they request from you (potential sub-letter) is a $50 credit check.

Let me know if you are interested.



  1. I'm interested! How shall we get in touch?

  2. Katie,
    There are a couple more recent postings, if you're still looking.
    Take care!