Monday, February 8, 2010

Sasha needs a home and a job in PHL

Sasha is "coming home to *PHILLY* on february 12th and finding a
HOME and a JOB. aphilliates, help me out!!
HOME: west philly, move in march 1 if not earlier, either subletting
march-may or moving in (and i will have to sublet june-aug while i'm
out in western mass, returning to philly in sept).
JOB: i need money and i can only work until june (when i leave for
school). i've sworn off food service, and my ideal job would have me
in motion or on my feet for at least part of the day. any ideas are
most welcome!!"

Sasha, I can attest, is a pretty fabulous housemate, an excellent and enthusiastic dancer, a creative eater, and an asset to any household. Comment below with leads on either home or job for her.

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