Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sharon and Mike seek a lovenest!

Sharon, my best friend for life, and her heartthrob Mike are moving in together! Help them find where to live please.
As much as it pains me to leave my current, awesome house, the time is approaching for A New Chapter In My Life. Mike and I are going to move in together, along with his dog Maxx, his cat Mr. Pants, and my cats Io and Esme. (That part will be fun- they usually hate all other cats!) So I'm just putting the word out that we are looking for an apartment, so I'm just asking y'all to please keep your eyes and ears out for something that would fit the bill:

-In West Philly- 42nd-52ndish, Walnut to Woodland-ish- the closer to 46th and Hazel, the better!
-2-3 bedrooms
-Allows dogs and cats
-Preferably 1st floor
-Preferably fenced-in back yard
-Preferably non-jerk landlord
-700 (right)-1100 bucks
-May/ June move-in date

Just let us know if you hear about something awesome. Obviously we're looking on Craigslist, and will probably call the major realtors in the neighborhood soon.

Thanks kids!

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