Saturday, March 20, 2010

Subletter needed for May through July!

This is Nora and Lee's apartment -- the rent (it's embedded in the second paragraph) is $400 plus your share of utilities; exact dates are flexible, and you would be welcome to stay on for another year when the new lease comes around (August 1st). The post below is the words of Nora.
Subletter needed for May through July! Amazing apartment! Amazing roommate! Amazing opportunity! (Please REPOST!!)

It’s official: I’m sailing off into the sunset in the beginning of May and looking for a subletter for my super-awesome apartment. I LOVED living here and I’m sure that if you decide to take my place, you will, too! It’s perfect for someone returning to the city, transitioning houses during the summer, or maybe looking for a longer apartment but not wanting to commit immediately (re-sign the lease on August 1st). Here’s some info:

Huge and sunny room for rent in a 2 bedroom apartment starting May 10th (negotiable!). The room is 17 1/2 by 14 1/2 feet with a nook in one corner and a giant closet. It has 3 windows that look out on to the beautiful Malcolm X park and another on the alley side. The apartment has a decent sized living room as well as a small but efficient kitchen. Wood floors in the bedrooms, hallway, and living room. Tile in the huge bathroom and linoleum in the kitchen. Yay for no carpet! The neighbors are awesome. We have a lovely shared porch and backyard! Utilities are not included in the $400. You will be responsible for half of the gas, electric, and phone/internet. In the summer, that is about $65/mo, (in the winter it's more like $80 mostly because of hot water since I went sparing on the heat, instead choosing to use space heaters).

You’d be living with Lee:
"i'm 25 and in undergrad at Temple. i'm a super-focused academic minded kid so i spend a ton of time doing homework. i am a homebody and somewhat of an awkward loner (in the most lovable way...ask nora if you don't believe me). i am friendly, cool, and sometimes social, but also love to have my space. i don't smoke or do drugs (420 included) but don't mind if you do occasionally as recreation, as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to be a decent person, pay your rent, and it does not happen in the house. i eat meat, but am open to living with someone vegetarian or vegan as long as it's judgment free. the older i get, the cleaner i get. i'm not a neat freak, but i like the house to be clean and really want that to be a joint effort. i don't mop every day or anything. but, you know, no dirt on the floor, and a relatively clean bathroom and kitchen is ideal."

We’re looking for someone who:
Must be down with the homos, understand racism, heart trans folks, and be open to a non-judgmental food household. You should be okay with (maybe even enjoy?) honest communication. Reasonably clean in shared space. Somewhat quiet or at least okay with a quiet house. Pay your rent and utilities on time, all the time. Be willing to stick around for a year (possibly negotiable).

Extra Points if you:
Have a cat!
Have other pets that aren't a dog (although i love them!). Turtle, ferret, bunny, fish, rat, etc are all welcome!
Have dishes.
Have a couch, or pillows to throw on the living room floor.
Want to decorate the living room.
Find my personality charming.

SERIOUSLY! I LOVED living here. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested and it would be great if you could repost this, y’know, as much as humanly possible. Thanks so much, everyone, for all your help!

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