Monday, April 26, 2010

A 1br of one's own

I've completed my search for a room of my own! Thanks for sending me things! I still have many apartments to share with y'all so let me know if you need 'em.


I'm continuing on my search for a new one-bedroom apartment for myself, and in the meantime I'm coming across a lot of gems that are two small, too expensive, too far from my sister, or starting too late for me. (I'm looking to move in the next two weeks.)

If you are looking for a new apartment, either studio or 1br, drop a comment or let me know -- I have a whole chart full of apartments in the West Philly/University City/Gentrification Station area and you are welcome to use my research! Some of them are places that friends are moving out of, and others are only worthy of Yonah's List by virtue of me already looking at them and asking the landlords/lasses many questions.

My favorite quirky apartment so far:
46th and Cedar. It's a great apartment except you either have to sleep in the kitchen/living room area or else your bedroom is the first room you walk into in the apartment. It's also got a kitchenette, but it's a cute one -- not an ugly one. (I'm a bit of a stove snob, only aesthetically.) It has a clawfoot tub, hardwood floors, overlooks the backyard, has bike storage, and the landladies are great.


  1. ! I am looking for a one bedroom in West Philly and I would love to see any info. Thanks and <3

  2. Hey, buddy! Send me your email address and I will send you my chart. Yay you'll be on the west side!