Tuesday, April 6, 2010

candy needs a semi-real place to live for like 10 days!!!

Our beloved Candy needs a temporary housing situation. For real temporary. Help a buddy out!
so, this family i am housesitting for is coming home again for like a week and a half and i've gotta get out. i'm totally over couch surfing, and i'm sure y'all are sick of waking up and stumbling over my body in your living room. i am looking for a room to live in, the size and state of which are irrelevant, from april 18 - 31. i'm happy to pay and clean and contribute to bills and stuff. i am not home a ton, i just need some place where i can go and close the door and escape once in a while, where i have a key and don't have to wake a friend at 3am to let me in, where i can make coffee every morning instead of having to buy it, and where i can leave some of my shit without it being in anybody's way. i know it's a short/weird period of time, so this might not be too fruitful, but if you or anyone you know is going away for a bit and wouldn't mind a respectful guest in your space in exchange for some kind of usable currency please let me know. any of the usual reasonable neighborhoods are acceptable (west, south but not too, no libs/fishtown). msg me here or on my cell. number is in my info if you don't have it. oh, and repost, pretty pleeeeeease!!!!!


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