Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live with Carol in West Philly!

I met Carol through Tina and Amalle; Carol lives in this totally lovely apartment, and when she says "freshly painted walls" she means in cozy colors like this pale forest green, and when she says "pics of UFOs" she's dead serious. There is an eat-in kitchen with many tea options and a large living room and art on walls and loveliness. Carol seems to me to be a good, clear communicator, a chill person to live with and a bearer of solid aesthetics (which, if you're anything like me, you hope to find in a housemate since you can't trust your own aesthetics -- hey, I know a lot about cardiac meds and ice-breakers but I just don't know which colors go together). Also the cat will snuggle with you if you want.
Okay. I live in a lovely apartment. There are hardwood floors, a big bathtub, an especially cool cat named Motor, me, and freshly painted walls with pics of UFOs, great ceramicware etc. I have a room for rent...400/month plus gas and elec. The building is great and has great people living in it (for example-the tour manager for Sonic Youth lives on the first floor). The landlord is a good friend and the street is especially endearing. If anyone knows anyone who is looking for a lovely place and you think we would get along, send em my way. Added bonus- I work at a plant store and bring home cool plants. Happy to send people more photos... Open June 1st or earlier.

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