Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mitten collective seeks new housemates in June!

The Mitten is a household that was started by a crew of Michigan ex-pats. (When you ask where they're from, they hold up their hands and point to some region of it that symbolizes Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti or something fun like that. Michigan is shaped like a mitten, you see. Except for the Upper Peninsula. But beyond that you'll have to ask them yourself.) They are good at fun. I can testify. And I do believe the bed I slept on throughout my childhood is somewhere in that house.
Hi friends,

Do you know good people? We need good people! This is our blurb:

We are looking for two individuals excited about collective living to be a part of our five-person household. The house is gorgeous, with a big open kitchen, secret basement passageway, indoor bike porch, roof porch with a view, and a sunny craft room with sewing machine and collage material. We have a huge side yard with many garden beds that we cultivate with a neighboring house. We host performances, shows, and events in our basement and living room, which has a nook where we also cozy up on the couch for house meetings and watching movies. There's a bonus small room we can keep as a guest room or you can rent as a studio. We cover a range of queer and straight-ness, and we are interested in keeping our house a queer and judgement-free space. Sorry, no cats, and we will eventually have a (calm, smallish, short-haired) dog. And chickens! In a coop.

We're dedicated to a communal lifestyle, which means we share food, bulk order lots of it, and we have a Mariposa co-op account. It means we communicate and make decisions together, and work hard to make a positive, sustainable living space with little drama and plenty of glamour. Our kitchen is vegetarian (vegan-friendly), and and we stock it with organic, local, sustainable food. We bake bread, soak beans, make sauerkraut, and jam out to Cyndi Lauper and Diana Ross while cooking and cleaning. (Speaking of records, we have shelves to fill, so bonus points if you have a collection.)

Come make jam with us this summer! We're looking for someone who is excited about living collectively, who will be involved and responsible, and can commit to staying for at least a year. Someone who is into creating a positive environment -- maybe you want to play music or put on shows or improve the garden or have a reading club. Someone who will talk it out and leave the kitchen as clean as they found it.

We are looking for people to move in in June but can be flexible if necessary. Rent is around $300.

The Mitten

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