Friday, April 9, 2010

A rad newcomer is looking for housing in Philly starting June

Fierce and fabulous Amalle says:
so, one of my favorite people (and tina's too) is moving to philadelphia this summer. you might not know shannon yet, but you probably should. cause she is a-mazing.

if you hear of a good housing setup opening up, or if you or someone you know is looking to pass on a lease, will you let me or tina know? her hope is to move sometime in june to an affordable 1-br or studio with access to public transit. but please pass on any good leads!
To which Shannon adds:
pleased to be mentioning that any space should be welcoming of my 13 pound terrier mutt, miss bitsy buttons bunny in a puppy suit extraordinaire, we're a package deal! 5 yrs old and well behaved, comes with personal references, ha.

thank y'all! xoxo


  1. jonah, you're the best! thanks!

  2. i second this emotion, thanks for putting this up!!!

  3. Y'all* are so welcome! I hope it helps.

    * Natives of Philly say "yous" or "yous guys". Get psyched Shannon!