Friday, April 16, 2010

Yonah's looking for an apartment!

I myself am now in the market for an apartment. I'm psyched to be moving back to my homeland, West Philly. I'm looking for a place starting May 1st. I would love for word-on-the-street to give me a hand with this!

What I'm looking for:
- I'd like to live by myself
- May 1st move-in (flexible)
- I would most like to live within say 8 blocks of 47th and Baltimore -- the closer the better
- I would love to live in an apartment that's not in a big apartment building
- Laundry is one of my favorite things, and I need to have some kind of access to it within like three blocks

Please share any leads! I will also be psyched to get in on community gardening, if I end up somewhere without its own bit of dirt.


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