Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stay in center city for the low price of hanging out with a cat! July!

My friend Susanna wants to cut you a deal: you take care of her cat for a couple weeks, and you can have your own pied-a-terre (which is the silliest use of French in the American lexicon I've ever heard of). Susanna is a talented flautist and guacamole-maker, and has been dating my cousin for a good long while so I can testify that she's delightful at family occasions and has excellent cowboy boots. Her cat is named Princess Jasmine and is well-behaved, besides occasionally eating Susanna's hair.
I will be gone from July 06-21 and need someone to take care of my cat. I can't afford a catsitter, so instead I thought I would offer a place to stay in downtown Philly. It's a really cute one bedroom apartment with a small backyard area. Obviously, I would have to trust the person a lot since all of my stuff will stay in the apartment. This isn't any kind of permanent situation, but if anyone is going to be in Philly for the month of July and needs a place to stay, I thought this might a good swap. Apartment is in Center City Philadelphia and is in a great neighborhood.

(Tell anyone interested to contact me via email: susannaloewy [at] gmail [dot] com)


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