Sunday, July 18, 2010

$270/month! Live with Erik and Mitchell! August and possibly beyond.

Erik Ruin, everyone's favorite puppeteer and master of shadows and paper-cuts, has put out the request for someone to live at the apartment formerly known as FortyFort for the month of August. Mitchell, sweet as pie and always busy with some manner of human rights work, also lives there. It's right near me! Be my neighbor! This is their call:
Hello Philly folks-
my roommate Mitchell & I are looking for someone to live in the third room of our West Philly apartment for the month of August. early move-in is also an option. it's conveniently located at 45th & Pine, and cheaply priced at $270/month + utilities. after August, we're all planning on moving out, but you could potentially continue on under a new lease (with new costs perhaps)
the room is actually pretty amazing, lots of windows & light, 2 small closets & access to more storage space. both of us who live here are friendly but very independent. we're hoping you'd be much the same. there's also my cat Ozzy, who's very friendly toward humans, but occasionally less so to other furry creatures.
if you're interested, please get in touch via email- erikruin [at] gmail [dot] com or call.
please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.
thank you,

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