Sunday, July 18, 2010

A newcomer wants West Philly housing

Laura (celestiteblue at gmail dot com)wrote to me before we realized we had some good friends in common. Laura seems to already know what's what in our fine WestPhillytheBestPhilly and understand the importance of leaving NJ for Philly. Find Laura a bedroom!
I'm a ceramic sculptor/art grad student who lived in Philly for two years before moving to Massachusetts for a third year after college (at Swarthmore College, extending my Philly area time to... at least 6 years). I was sad to leave, but I had to move to study at UMass for a year. Now I'm moving back to take classes at Tyler and hopefully stay for my MFA. West Philly just feels like _right_ to me - I really want to live in the Baltimore Ave area, preferably somewhere near, between, or not too far north of Satellite Coffeeshop and Clark Park, and I already have a couple of friends nearby. I'd be happiest living in a house with other queer artists, activists, and/or generally community-minded people, any gender, but I will gladly settle in with anyone considerate and queer-friendly. I love to cook (gluten free, but I won't impose that on others) and to sing (don't worry, I actually can), and to draw all over the place, and I love pets, and I'm always up for concerts and gallery shows and film screenings and farmer's markets and just about whatever's going on. Including starting things myself. I can pay anything between $350-$550 rent but $550 would hurt - anyone have a room or a shared house to make my artist/student heart and budget happy? Maybe you can help me save money for a studio... or to finally get some tattoos. I need to move in by the end of August, but I'm staying in NJ so I can come pretty much whenever to meet you and any housemates at least once.
Thank you (for being there and) for reading this, and I hope you can help!


  1. Hey Laura,

    My name's aryenish. I have an ad a little farther down this page on Yonah's list since I am also looking for housing this fall. It sounds like we have a lot of things in common from reading your ad and I know you aren't looking for this but I'd love to possibly go into something together. We should def talk more to see if it could work out, but I thought I would throw the idea out there. I don't wanna put my email address down so I'm not sure how to proceed. Maybe you should send me a fb message or Yonah could hook us up via email?

    No matter what happens, good luck! This stuff sucks so much sometimes...


  2. I was going to offer a couple of suggestions until I read the date on this post - Im pretty sure she has found a place to live by now!
    -Jackie @ Philadelphia real estate