Sunday, July 18, 2010

Programmer Analyst job in Philly

My friend Desh is one of my favorite trusted sources when it comes to anything about technology. So when he says it's ridiculous that this awesome job has not yet been filled, I believe him. I don't know what most of the job description means, but I know that Solutions for Progress does awesome stuff and the Benefit Bank got me a totally radical tax refund this year.
In close collaboration with Business Analysts, Content Editors and Software Engineers, the Programmer Analyst builds modular applications that help end-users file taxes and apply for public assistance programs through The Benefit Bank (TBB) web-based service. These modular applications perform data collection, eligibility screening, form filling, and electronic data submission for a variety of state, federal, and local programs. Our development platform is based on a custom web framework developed in a Perl/Apache/Linux environment.

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