Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mitchell needs a September sublet

Dear Philly,
We need to keep Mitchell here as long as possible. We need to house him! He is a gem if ever there was one. In the words of Ben:
"can we all just agree that mitchell should not leave philly and will all just buy him a cute llitle row home in some part of philly with a random space for printing newspapers and lots of do dads all over the house so he can play with them and then plan all of his diabolical schemes that we all support and the world is that much better of a place.

I love Mitchell campaign"

By "diabolical schemes" Ben means "plans for fixing, like, all the problems in the world". Cuz seriously Mitchell is working on it and we gotta support him. Drop a comment below, or get in touch with me (or with Mitch if you know how). Here is the original plea from Mitchell:

Hey all,

I'm moving out of my apartment, but my plans haven't come together for next month. I'd like to find a sublet for the month of September. Do you know of any? Please let me know.


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