Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sublet a room in Temim's Prospect Heights (Brooklyn) apt 9/1-12/31

Temim is a delight. Temim's band is awesome fun, and Temim tends to live in loveliness. You should totally sublet Temim's place.

I am going on tour with my band and subletting a room in my apartment 9/1-12/31 (see: THE FINE PRINT at the bottom of this note). This situation is perfect for anyone looking to spend the fall and winter holidays in New York, and to experience the gorgeousness that is Autumn in Brooklyn. My roommate is quite awesome herself and so we're hoping to find the right person to spend the next four months at our place.

THE APARTMENT: The apartment is charming, unique, and very large, with tons of common space and private space for anyone who's living there. It's got two bedrooms, a sunny eat-in kitchen, a living room with a cool old fireplace and lots of old detail, a second common room/work area! It's got hardwood floors and nice high ceilings. It's a 2nd floor walk-up on a block teeming with coffee shops, restaurants, laundromat, grocery, and other amenities, and just a few blocks from Prospect Park. It's also a two minute walk to two different express trains, for those commuting into the city.

THE BEDROOM: We have two bedrooms and are willing to sublet either. One is bigger and a bit more expensive and one is smaller and a bit less expensive. Both are great rooms - the smaller one a totally nice-sized room with a great shape and a high ceiling - and both have their charms. If you're interested, I can send you deets on either or both of the rooms.

THE ROOMMATE: The person you would be living with is a 25 year-old puppeteer, director, and daytime schoolteacher. She is extremely friendly and fun, but also likes her personal space and will totally respect yours. She is an amazing cook (vegetarian) and can often be found nights building puppets or rehearsing for an upcoming show. She's both responsible and very low key - she is busy and active but loves a night in with good food, a glass of wine, and an episode of some serial tv show or another. She is queer-friendly and generally open-minded and a total pleasure to live with.

YOU: You are someone who wants to live in Brooklyn for the fall, preferably a friend or a friend-of-a-friend! Maybe you're checking it out, or maybe you just wanted to spend this amount of time in New York. - and wants to live in a fantastic neighborhood with tons going on. You are responsible (not leaving dirty dishes all over the house, on-time with rent) but also friendly with a sense of humor, and open to some low-key-roommate-hanging-out if it happens organically. In other words, not wanting to be BFFs with your roommate is totally cool, but she'd rather not live with someone who hides in their room all the time, or is so quiet she won't know they're there! You - ideally - have stuff going on in your life - you know some people, and maybe you're an artist or someone otherwise passionate about the thing you do and love.

THE FINE PRINT: I am actually not *leaving* town until November 1, but we're still subletting for the entire 4 month period. There is a good chance that I will be staying at the apartment WITH you and aforementioned roommate during September and October, in a 3rd room we have which *is* one of those closet-sized NYC bedrooms - it basically fits a bed. During the time that I would be there, your rent/utilities would be slightly cheaper, since I would be kicking in, too. Of course, this means sharing space with a third person for two of the four months, so even though it's a spacious apartment, that's something you'd have to be comfortable with.

To see the place: Facebook message me or email me at temim (dot) fruchter (at) gmail (dot) com

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