Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Job available: Asst. Director of Systems at Temple's College of Lib Arts

Maria and I met back in 2002, when we were both involved in LadyFest Philadelphia. Maria is now the Senior Web Developer at the College of Liberal Arts. She tells me they are in search of an Assistant Director of Systems.

Needs to be a whiz with databases, servers, and other computery stuff. Job #TU-13689 on Temple's HR website. I'm really hoping we can get someone in this position that's not just a whiz with servers, databases, and scripting but someone who isn't afraid to give projects a shot, whether they succeed or not. A "let's see what we can do" attitude is crucial to this position. Any questions, contact me directly at
my personal email: maria at plainparade dot org.

She also mentioned to me that women are especially encouraged to apply; I've noticed that women tend to be marginalized in the tech and "computery" worlds, so whoever it is should be happy to work with Maria who is a brilliant techy woman.

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