Monday, October 18, 2010

Sascha is looking for a new East Bay home!

My dear friend Sascha is moving out of his apartment and looking for a new place to live in the East Bay (in the SF Bay area). Help a buddy out!

Looking For a Room in a House With Good Folks
I’m a 35 year old urban gardener and writer that has spent pretty much my entire adult life living collectively and doing various forms of social justice organizing and creative political activism. I’ve helped birth such spectacular institutions as the Bay Area Seed Interchange Library and the Icarus Project (a radical mental health support network.) These days I spend a lot of time studying and writing, working towards finishing my BA and prioritizing emotional growth and loving the hell out of my close friends. I’m recently really interested in creative tools to get groups of strangers communicating that involve theater and movement . I’m looking for a house of folks that are socially engaged, have a garden, share chores and food, really like living with each other, and like having friends over for dinner. I’m really hoping to pay under $550. Are you out there dream house? Something close? Sascha Altman DuBrul scatter [at] theicarusproject [dot] net

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