Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaching job in India!

Nava S. sent me this. Nava and I went to middle school together, and were both friends with Diana growing up; Diana is now completing her Visiting Teacherness at the school described below. Sounds like a pretty exciting opportunity, right? Diana's email address is below, feel free to write to her for more info.

Internship Opportunity with Srirajñi Primary School

Srirajñi Primary School in Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, India, is looking for Visiting Teachers for the coming year. Srirajñi is part of a Non-Profit Charitable Trust dedicated to offering high-quality education for all students regardless of economic or social background in Dhrangadhra, a small town in a region of India known as Gujarat. Visiting Teachers are given training in teaching, have the opportunity to teach English, Science, Social Studies, and/or Math to a vibrant group of 10-12 year-old students, and participate in special activities and performances such as elocution and drama. All instruction is in English. Those interested in art, music and other performance-based fields are strongly encouraged to apply, as there are many opportunities for workshops and special projects. Although no teaching is required, seriousness of purpose is expected.Visiting Teachers would arrive in January 2011 and continue until December 2011, with the possibility of staying until May or September 2012. This is not a salary-based opportunity, however, comfortable housing and full meals are provided on the premises. For further information, please contact Diana Hochner at kvitiny at gmail dot com.

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