Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camp nurses are always in fashion! Or whatever.

Want to be a nurse at a summer camp? They're always needed! There are fabulous camps in the area where you can luxuriate in fresh air, play with munchkins, and exercise those nursing skills -- maybe it's a welcome break from the busy pace of hospital nursing, or perhaps it's a way to build your skills and your resume in a time when jobs for new nurses are hard to come by. Let me know if you want to be connected!

Eden Village is a camp recommended to me by Rachel B, with whom I had all the same friends growing up -- though we never met -- and then with whom I went to nursing school. Eden Village is looking for a camp this summer.

I know Mountain Meadow often needs a camp nurse. That there is a camp for kids with one or more LGBTQ parents. My parents started it, back in the day. It's rad.

And there's more! Always more. Want a gay camp? Jewish camp? Hippie camp? Quaker camp? Singing lots of songs camp? Etc. (Those are primarily the types of camp I'm familiar with...) There are also day camps -- the above-mentioned are sleepaway -- and tons of summer projects to get involved in.

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  1. I know Shelly Ridge Day Camp will need a nurse this coming summer. It's located at 330 Manor Rd, Miquon PA, 19444.