Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Erik Ruin needs housing 2/1! West Philly, step it up!

Our beloved Erik Ruin, whose art graces the walls of many of our homes, needs a place to live. Come on, West Philly the Best Philly, step it up! erikruin at gmail dot com.
hello philly friends,
as many of you may know, i've been seeking out a new living situation for a while now. i had an efficiency lined up for a Feb. 1st move-in, but unfortunately that has just fallen through, leaving me a bit worried. so i'm turning to you all in hopes you may know of other available places....
i'm primarily just looking for a quiet place to lay my head at night. i live in West Philly, love it here , and don't ideally want to move elsewhere. i have a separate studio space where i spend most of my days (and many of my nights even), though i do like having friends over for the occasional low-key dinner party, and being able to house guests once in awhile.
i travel a fair bit.
i do have a large one-eared 8-year old cat named Ozzy. he's a real sweetheart to humans but has been known to be quite a terror to other cats, and beasts in general. he is an excellent mouser.
so if any of you know of any affordable studio or one-bedroom apartments available or rooms open in quiet, creative households - i'm really not in the space in my life where i want to share space with a lot of other people- please do let me know.

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