Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking for an awesome housemate for March 1st!

Casey's house is looking for a new housemate. I know Casey from sharing community with him -- namely, West Philly -- but he claims we originally met at NCOR many years ago and I picked a fight with him. This is an extremely believable story, since many years ago that was my favorite hobby. (Not a physical fight. A political argument.) I have since mellowed, and Casey has since forgiven me. He has always, it seems, been pretty mellow and lovely and conscientious.


Hi Friends,

Do you know someone great who maybe wants to move into our house? Send 'em our way!

We are a seven bedroom semi-collective house in the Kingsessing neighborhood of West Philly, on the same block as the Kingsessing Library and rec center. We are looking for a new housemate for March 1st. The house is a large, clean and spacious three story victorian with lots of shared space, including a big kitchen, dining room, living room and back yard with a porch. There is also a large attic with a crafting area, and basement with carpentry and bike tools and workshop space, as well as room for storage.

Our house operates as a semi-collective. We have monthly house meetings and assigned house chores. We order staple food in bulk as a house to keep our costs down, but participating in bulk ordering is optional. We cook our own meals, but tend to share many staple ingredients. Many of us eat meat, some are vegetarian. We are happy to live with vegans, but if you are really squeamish about meat & dairy in the kitchen, this house may not be a good fit for you. We have a sweet, gentle, timid pit bull named Booker, and are not looking to add any new cats & dogs to our house.

We are looking for a long-term housemate. You might be a good fit if you are excited about collective living, are clean, tidy and considerate, and plan to stick around for a while. You should also be queer & trans friendly. Please write us and tell us a little something about yourself and why you are excited about a living situation like ours. Thanks! 


  1. Are you still looking for a housemate?

  2. Yeah, we are still looking, but the date changed to April 2st. You can email us at booker.graves at gmail