Saturday, January 1, 2011

Queer family of three in the Edgewood section of Cranston (right next to Providence), RI in search of housemate(s)

When I was 16 I met Julie, who I looked up to and eventually got to be in a queer production of Grease with, besides our more obvious activist adventures -- you know, having meetings, taking stack, dance parties, those sorts of things. Julie has a solid analysis and can belt out "What's That Playing on the Radio" so well I can still hear it in my head nine years later. Oh, to hear it again! And you can. Julie's family is in search of a housemate or housemates.

Queer family of three in the Edgewood section of Cranston (right next to Providence), RI in search of housemate(s):

We are two adults who are artists/activists, one super fun year-old baby, and an elderly, sweet, orange cat.

We live in a beautiful, well cared for 3-story Victorian house with lots of indoor and outdoor space, and are looking for housemates who fully utilize it, not just boarders.

Our third floor is a big attic that is ideal for one person or a couple, or one adult and one child. It includes a large bedroom plus an entryway lounge/office, and storage spacee. It’s cozy, spacious and private.

There's also a bedroom on the 2nd floor that's PINK! Super sunny, with a big big closet.

There is already some furniture in both areas, which you can use, or we can move it out and you can bring your own.

There is one full bath on the second floor, and a half bath on the first floor, a big living room, dining room, kitchen, and basement with lots of storage. All of this you would share with us.

We have lived here for 2 years, and have plans to start growing food this coming year, and are considering getting some chickens. We would love to find someone to share our house who is interested in gardening as well, but this is not required.

We are very close to Roger Williams Park, Pawtuxet Village and Broad Street, and Narragansett Ave., which both have active bus lines to downtown Providence. We are a four mile bike ride to downtown Providence.

Rent is $500 + utilities for the attic, and $375 + utilities for the bedroom. Free internet too, woo hoo!

Parking is included

Pictures available on request.

Please contact jdavids13 [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested.


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