Friday, April 29, 2011

Artist in Residency program in Philly, and Erik Ruin's latest show -- last day to see it!

Erik Ruin is a fabulous and well-loved, widely praised local artist. He emailed this afternoon recommending an Artist in Residency program right here in Philly -- applications are due by Monday May 2nd at 5pm, so get on it! The message from Erik:
hey people- anyone want a free studio for a year in west philly? this program is great (i am in residence there now) and i highly suggest anyone in need apply....
also if you want to check it out stop by this afternoon at 4007 chestnut from 3-7- it's the last day to see my installation there!

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  1. The application form is looooooooooooooong. Holler at me, I'll send it to you.