Thursday, April 7, 2011

Camp Nursing

Time for our second annual camp nursing roundup!
We have Camp Sojourner, which is an awesome camp for girls that Alisha (who I ADORE and who comes up with the most amazing uses for words) runs.
Camp dates are Aug 1-6th for campers, staff training starts July 30. We could talk about date that makes sense for you to come (probably would try to go up there with you at some pt over the summer beforehand in order to orient you, so that you could just show up before the kids and jump in.) Its a pretty great gig, with a few hours a day of scheduled clinic hours, otherwise hanging out and being on call. We would pay you a stipend (but nothing close to what you would make at your job...). You would be able to sleep in the clinic or in a small cabin near my lodge and share meals in the dining hall, with use of my kitchen also.
Next we have Eden Village. This was recommended to me by Rachel, with whom I unwittingly grew up. (I knew I was growing up. Don't be silly. But we had all the same friends in high school, but didn't meet until we ended up in nursing school together.)
Nurse needed at Environmental Summer Camp
Eden Village Camp is a Jewish farm, wilderness and arts-based sleepaway camp for 3rd – 11th graders, located one hour north of NYC. We're an innovative non-profit that supports each camper in developing
outdoor and leadership skills, and awakening a sense of positive Jewish identity, purpose, and joy. The experience includes organic farming, outstanding organic Kosher food, animal care, wilderness
adventure, natural science, a zero-waste goal, pool & lake, climbing, music, arts, sports, service projects, exceptional staff... all in a kind, diverse and vibrant community! We're committed to farm-to-table, earth-based, creative, holistic living, which extends to the realm of health care. An herbal medicine garden is right outside the health center, and our Medical Director has training in Integrative Medicine.
The Head Nurse is trained and certified in western medicine, and ideally has knowledge and inclination towards eastern medicine as well. The Head Nurse has pediatric experience and some availability in
early June to consult with us on health questions and purchasing for the summer. This position requires an RN, NP or MD degree.

This is our second year of camp, and this position includes many aspects of setting up the health center, including purchasing, selecting record-keeping technology, reviewing camper medical records,
and opening and closing camp.

Must be licensed to work in NYS by the time camp starts.

We hope our Head Nurse will approach her/his practice as addressing the whole of each camper and staffer encountered, work towards managing illness but also creating robust physical/emotional/spiritual health, and feel inspired by our camp's mission of helping create a vibrant, sustainable Jewish community and world.

We will have 60 to 150 people onsite at any given time. Two nurses will staff the Health Center together.

Dates: 6/10 - 8/22

Salary: $800/wk plus 3 organic, local, fresh meals per day, comfortable housing and extraordinary quality of life in a gorgeous camp setting.

This is a residential position, though you will have breaks and time off.

Please send resume and cover letter to staff (at) edenvillagecamp (dot) org, or call us at 877-397-3336.
And Students Run Philly Style's annual leadership summit will be July 1st-3rd this year. It's a fabulous weekend of awesome kids and stellar staff. More info to come.


  1. Summer camps organized for kids is a great platform to express their talent and also they can come out of their comfort area.

  2. I agree Summer camps organized should be fully utilized by the parents by sending their kids.