Thursday, April 7, 2011

Job: Temporary field organizer for Energy Action Coalition

Talia sent me this. Talia is my study buddy, my home away from home. Her house is my pied-a-terre which I've always wanted to say since it's French. She sent me this but she didn't make it up. Power Shift, one of the organizations that seems to be involved with this project, includes my friend Josh. Josh is passionate about clean energy and wind energy and sustainable things, and also about having a creepy mustache (which is new) and doing awkward dancing (which is old -- I taught him to awkward-dance nine years ago, and he took to it like a bee to honey).

Energy Action Coalition Job Description

Job Title: Temporary Field Organizer,

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Reports to: Deputy Field Director


On February 18th, as people were struggling for their rights in Wisconsin, the US House forced through a budget that would gut the Environmental Protection Agency and other critical public programs, but leave billions in handouts to oil companies reporting record profits. This is a direct attack on our future and our health. As a community, we are mobilizing to ensure that those that have made the decision to listen to corporate money over the survival of their constituents are held accountable. We want President Obama to stand with young people building a clean energy economy, not corporate polluters putting our future at risk. This is our moment to create a real power shift from coal and oil to a clean energy future.


Over the next 5 weeks, field organizers will work with young people to build political power, collect petitions, and plan events in crucial districts in MI, PA, and OH. Field organizers will work closely with national staff to report and track all data and collaborate with organizers recruiting for Power Shift 2011.

Job Activities:

1. Recruits, trains and empowers student volunteers at designated campuses, working with them to hit aggressive but achievable goals.

2. Works with student leaders to plan media worthy actions, collect petitions, participate in campus coalitions, and gain media attention.

3. Reports progress regularly and promptly to supervising staff, and works with supervisor to create and implement strategic plans to hit campaign goals.

4. Participates actively in regular planning and strategy calls with other campaign staff.

5. Where assigned, works collaboratively with other organizers to carry out campaign activities.

6. Represents the youth climate movement to officials, the media, and outside groups.

7. Performs administrative and other miscellaneous duties as directed.

Knowledge and Skills:

· Experience with at least one campus organizing or mobilization project, or prior experience working with student volunteers to plan grassroots campaigns in the environmental movement, political campaigns, or other similar organizations.

· Ability to work independently, cooperatively, and effectively with the public, staff and volunteers.

· Hard worker with strong organizational and problem-solving skills.

· Demonstrated commitment to environmental and justice issues.

· Strong oral and written communication skills. Ability to clearly explain complex issues and effectively communicate them to student volunteers.

· Ability to travel as needed.

Please send cover letter, resume, and two references to

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