Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking for summer housing in DC

I met Lauren when we were 15. It was a magical summer. Now she has a husband and three children, out in Lexington Mass. No, just kidding, but we did listen to Dar Williams a whole lot and now she lives in Massachusetts.... She hasn't sold out at all, she's in school to be a nutritionist. (She's also recently been a farmer.) Lauren is one of the prime examples of friends you get to keep as you grow up. I'm so frikkin lucky. And yes, she does cook really good food... you can reach her at adlerstance (at) gmail.

I'm looking for a sublet or house sitting gig in DC for June and July. I'll be doing an internship at USDA in Alexandria and looking for something within an hour commute on the metro. I'm a clean, quiet and respectful roommate. I also cook really good food!

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