Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amp! Free to a good home! Northeast Philly!

Alexis is, well, indescribable. I met her 17 years ago -- can you believe that? -- in middle school, and I immediately knew she was awesome. It took me a year to realize just how freaking amazing she was. Alexis was my first real crush. She had this long, thick braid that she would hit people with if she didn't like them. She wore the same costume as the rest of us: band t-shirts, flannel shirts unbuttoned over top, and jeans so ripped at the knee they threatened to fall off. She had this unbelievably cute smile, which it turns out she still has, and oh my god, I totally still have a crush on her. Anyway she has, since middle school, been a punk rocker and a diy distro-er and a crafty artsy girl, and through her adventures she's ended up with this amp she doesn't need. She lives in Northeast Philly. Please read below. Holler at me if you want this amp, I will hook you up with this incredible beautiful woman. (And yes, she can see this. No point in being shy; one of my favorite things about her is that she is never afraid to tell someone she thinks they're rad, so the least I can do is repay the favor. I think she's effing rad.)
hey, i was wondering if you could list something for me on yonahs list. i have a peavey micro bass amp in good condition that i'm trying to get rid of cause i need a third amp like i need a hole in the head. i dont want to throw it away its free to whomever will come pick it up in the northeast.

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