Thursday, May 12, 2011

cute queer needs a sweet home (sublet)

I have known Noam for, geez, ten years now. We met at summer camp, and though he is a Canadian we have visited many times since then. Now he has a major-league crush on a member of the West Philly crew and we get to recruit him to the neighborhood! Help him find a place.
hi y'all,

i'm a sweet, quiet queer trans boy from montreal who wants to spend my summer in philly to be closer to my serious date. i'm looking for a room to sublet / rent for june, july, and august. i'm trying to be flexible about the rent, but the truth is that i have a budget--i'm trying to find something in the $300 range, but if you have a room that's a bit more expensive let me know anyway. i'd love to take a look. i'm trying to be similarly flexible about my cat allergy--ideally i
don't want to live with cats! but again, if your place has cats, let me know anyway. i would still love to take a look.

about me:
+i'm 26
+i'm soon going to be a nursing student
+i love to read, and i love coffee
+i'm sensitive and studious and a true introvert but i have exciting moments of connecting with people in small groups or one-on-one
+i have big ideas about the world & i am passionate for political and emotional discussions about various things
+i make art, and bedding (quilts and duvet covers, i love making things with my hands)
+i'm white. i consider myself an anti-racist & am actively working on my shit.
+and anti-lots-of-things & isms
+i recognize how much space i'm taking up. i spend a lot of time thinking about privilege
+i'm really excited about community-based health care.

if any of this sounds good to you, send me an email! i promise i'm friendly and nice and may even (shhh!) be considering a more long-term stay in philly if things feel nice.

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