Monday, May 16, 2011

Radical Room for Rent in Collective Home (berkeley)

I can't even tell you how much I adore Sascha. Like I just can't. I met him six years ago, when he was in town visiting Stevie, and he ended up staying with me. Ever since then we've met up at conferences or when we're in each others' towns; he's showed me Berkeley and Brooklyn, I've shown him Philly, we've shared DC and Ann Arbor. He is thoughtful and excitable and appreciative of delicious food and delicious people, he prioritizes books over most other possessions, and he is old school punk in a way you just can't know unless you know. I personally can't even conceive of it because I skipped right over punk to post-punk. But I love him. So the moral of the story is, sublet his room.

It is cheap and awesome and i have sweet housemates, if you like attic rooms in punk houses with lots of good books and a window that goes to the roof and can pay upfront so I don't have to stress while I'm in Europe.

Read the details below and send good people my way!

$417, plus utilities (approx $40)

We are a colorful collective house in Berkeley (on a bicycle boulevard and three blocks from Ashby BART) and we have a room available for rent with a negotiable move-in date between May 15 and June 1. The available room will either be a main floor room for $550 or a fun and pleasant but ceiling-height funky attic room for $417, plus utilities. First and last month’s rent plus a deposit in the amount of a month’s rent is required to move in.

Our house, known as Fort Radical, has wireless, solar panels, a piano, a bike rack, and a beautiful backyard with a fire pit. Our garden is home to a variety of fruit trees, as well as seasonal vegetables. There are currently 11 of us. We love consensus decision making, direct communication and have fun living our DIY lifestyle. *We are a house of mixed straight and queer folks with potential to be queer & trans allied. We range in age from early twenties to mid-forties and because of this there’s an awesome diversity of hobbies and interests in the house, and tons of creative sharing; from our jobs, school and activist duties to crafts, music, dancing, food and friends. What makes our house so rad is that we accept and support each other. Also we love hanging by our fire pit together, and inviting our neighbors and friends!

Most of us come from the punk/anarchist/traveler culture and wonderfully smelly friends come through from time to time. We are omnivores, vegetarians, and one vegan. We don’t buy food together, but we love cooking for each other! Dumpstering, sharing and mixing food from our community garden and our own backyard garden is very much encouraged. We love animals; certain pet friend additions to the house could be ok, but we’re not sure. We currently have 4 cats and 1 small dog.

Our house is owned by a non-profit organization called Cooperative Roots which is run by the occupants of our house and the house next door (Fort Awesome) so technically we’re our own landlords. Cooperative Roots strives to create "affordable and ecologically sustainable housing, empower people to create cooperatives, and strengthen local communities through shared resources and education".

For a so-called punk house, we're actually pretty clean, but there's a constant struggle against clutter and not letting dirty dishes build up. You will be expected to participate in chores and generally contributing to the house. Also things are usually pretty quiet by 11 pm or so, but then sometimes they're not, so you should be able to roll with some spontaneity.

Accessibility notes: There are stairs to get in the house. There is no tobacco smoking in the house, but we are 420 friendly. The way the house is now is probably not very safe for people with MCS - scented products are used by some. Please feel free to bring up any special needs you may have.

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  1. Hi.

    My name is Kat and I'm a friend of Christina Pawl (she met you at Esalen). She recently e-mailed me about the room available in your beautiful home; I realize I am past the deadline. Just in case, I wanted to share a little about myself... My passions include inspiring and empowering myself and others through art and skiing (I spent almost 20 years teaching in Colorado) and sustainable gardening (I love to weed). I am working two jobs at the moment, one in my friends kitchen in Bay View for her organic raw business and the other is with a friend of mine who is an audio/visual specialist.

    If the room has been rented I would welcome the opportunity to still meet you as I have recently moved to the Bay Area and you sound like amazing people. My number is 970-309-3588 and my e-mail is

    Kindest Regards,
    Kat Parkin