Friday, May 6, 2011

Rooms are opening up in the Lap of Luxury!

The Lap is one of my dream houses. It's very accurately advertised below as being friendly, chill, and ideally located. Move to the Lap!
Dear Friends,

Our lovely house, endearingly known as the Lap, is looking for housemates! Please spread the word to awesome folks who might be interested...

About us:
We are an established collective house in West Philadelphia (called the Lap), and we're looking for a sub-letter and potentially 2 permanent housemates to join us. The house is currently five folks, late 20s - early 30s, queer, straight, mature and fun. We really like living together and hanging out, but we also each have our own active lives that keep us busy outside the house. We care about social & economic justice, art, gardening, food, Philadelphia histories, playing music and good haircuts. We share food and each cook dinner for the house one night a week. We're not big partiers, but we do like to have people over for cocktails - just as much as we like to hide behind a good book. We come with great references!

About you:
We are looking for someone who has experience with collective living, and would enjoy being part of a cooperative and easygoing house. Ideally, you are responsible, independent, collaborative and fun. Since our house is best described as "shabby chic," it’s extra awesome if you are willing and/or able to help us with home repairs and renovations. Experience with coordinating contractors and acquiring estimates for house projects is a plus. We want you to be lefty, queer-friendly and awesome!

About the house:
The Lap has been a collectively-owned house in West Philadelphia since 2001. Our house was recently bought by, and has now become a part of a local land trust, the LCA. As an LCA house, we have some additional responsibilities and benefits, but our house has also retained many of the characteristics and traditions we have developed over the years as a collective group house. As a house member you would also be a member of the LCA and have a voice in decision-making for our house and the LCA as a whole.

We are close to Clark Park, closer to Cedar Park, near numerous other West Philly highlights and on the 34 trolley line. The house is a 3-story Victorian with 5 bedrooms and 2 baths that we've put a lot of work into over the years. Parts of it are brand new and beautiful, and others are charmingly in need of a little attention. We have a very cozy living room, and a stunningly open and beautiful kitchen, complete with industrial 6-burner stove.

Rent is between $285-385/month, depending on the room, plus $100/month for utilities.

We anticipate having one bedroom ($285) available starting June 1, and an additional bedroom ($385) available July 1. There is also a sublet ($385) available for the summer (roughly June - August, somewhat flexible). If you're the awesome housemate we're looking for, please email liveinthelap [at] gmail and we can talk more soon! We’ll be interviewing throughout the month of May and into June.

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