Monday, June 13, 2011

Move into Paul's house, July 1st! Yes!

Paul is one of my sister's besties, but he is also definitely a beloved friend of mine. I've known him since he and Nava started college together over a decade ago. I can testify that he cooks delicious food and is a delightful human, and that his house is full of the spoils of Penn Christmas every year without fail. His other housemates are also lovely people; imagine the benefits of having two carpenter-capable folks in your house to fix the house! How handy.
Front porch,
grand piano,
roof access,
wireless interenet,
laundry on premises,
renovated kitchen,
full parlor floor,
beautiful bathrooms,
hardwood floors throughout,
quiet tree-lined block in West Philadelphia
Hazel btw 48th and 49th
room 11x11/ small closet/ 225 plus utilities

Main criterion for a roommate: communicates well/ doesn’t hold grudges/ prior communal living a major plus

We are five roommates--looking for a sixth.

A horticultural educator/bird-opera-man; communications expert/style blogger; reproductive health worker/polyglot traveler; sculptor/museum carpenter; nanny/novelist.

Tell your friends.
Opening July 1
Email me.
paul.gargagliano (at) gmail (dot) com

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