Saturday, July 9, 2011

Live with Mary in South Philly! $450/month

Jakey and I have been friends since I was sixteen and had the nickname "Jailbait". (It's only because everyone else was 20.) Jakey introduced me to homocore and riotgrrl and took me on my first road trip without my mom, and took me to my first activist conference. The day we left for the conference, Jakey was making a sign for pick-up soccer in Clark Park; the sign had a picture of a dog kicking a ball, and said "Dogs don't play soccer -- but anarchists do!"

Jakey claims that Mary is awesome, and backs up that claim by stating "she ought to live in West Philly but doesn't". Totally! Mary lives in South Philly and is looking for a new housemate. And it would appear that Mary is a Philly Roller Girl. Those people are the toughest and awesomest and you should live with one!
Hey y'all,

My housemate is moving to a different part of the city and I'm looking to fill the other room in my place. If you know of anyone that is looking and that may be a good match, please let me know. Details are below.

Thanks so much!


Approximately 9th and Mountain
Small South Philly row home
room is approx 15' x 11' with 2 closets, $450 per month
Safe block, good neighbors
Sandwiched between bus routes 29 and 47
close walk to passyunk excitement and the italian market
pet friendly, though additional pet deposit and monthly fee required
crappy parking, but biking is good
storage available in basement
delightful back patio, southern exposure
good character

human companion of 1 cat
non smoker at home
no tv preferred

To move in:
first, last, and security deposit
$50 application fee
pet deposit: $500 initial (refundable)
cats: $25 each/month
dogs: $35 (i think) each/month

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