Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear NYC: Let Maria handle your hair!

Maria is my friend. She loves pigeons, she has fabulous style, she will someday write a blog for all of us in service professions to help us understand the basics of sports, fashion, and pop culture so we can make small talk with our patients/clients/other people waiting for the bus. She was my hairstylist through several genders and several styles, and she is incredibly skilled -- particularly with curly hair, which she possesses.

She's in New York -- patronize her! In the nice way!


Hello All!

Just writing to let you all know that I am settled in a new job in NYC!

I am doing hair in the East Village at a great little salon called Birds and Fellas.
I am working Su-M and W-F, and would love to see you and your friends!

Much love!

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