Saturday, September 24, 2011

Timothy needs a housemate!

I don't know who else lives in this house, but Timothy is a delightful bundle of energy I've known for several years. We met in our early 20s through Milena who went to high school with me, and it turns out Timothy and I also had mutual BFFs during high school and narrowly missed being friends ourselves. (We also met twice through radical cheerleading and queer parties, years before we actually became buds.) We love how many friends we have in common from so many parts of our lives; we love doing Jewish holidays together, and sleeping in sukkot; and we love talking so quickly that any non-New Yorker has no idea what we're saying. Now he needs a housemate.


The House of Muley Graves is looking for a new housemate for November 1. We're a seven-bedroom semi-collective house in West Philly, across the street from the Kingsessing Library. The house is a large, clean and spacious three-story Victorian with lots of shared space, including a big kitchen, dining room, living room and a backyard with a small porch and a mulberry tree. There is also a large attic with a crafting area, and a basement with carpentry and bike tools, a work bench and storage room.

We're a low-key, friendly house with a big emphasis on *cleanliness*. We have monthly house meetings and assigned chores. We don't have set cooking nights but we often cook together, share veggies and order bulk food staples as a house. Our home includes: youth educators, queers, social workers, writers, bread bakers, food service workers, abortion counselors, grant writers, bike mechanics, musicians, and one very sweet and gentle pit bull.

The room opening up is on the small side, with a west-facing window and a small closet. Rent is under $300/month.

You might be a good fit if you are:

  • queer and trans friendly
  • excited about collective living and a tidy house
  • looking for a permanent living situation (not a sublet).
Email booker (dot) graves (at) if you're interested. Tell us a little something about yourself and why you're excited about a house like ours.

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