Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help house Elliott! One of the most delightful ones.

Elliott and I were both movement babies. Which is to say, we both started hanging out in West Philly when we were really young, and we were each kind of mascots. When we met I felt an affinity with him for that reason but also because we were both from Philly -- not transplants like so many of our friends -- and because we were at some of the same Christian punk shows in our youth. Yeah, I said Christian punk. What are you gonna do about it? (That was lifetimes ago for both of us.) Elliott is incredibly thoughtful and selectively sarcastic, musically talented and very funny. We've never lived together, though we've lived in the same houses and with the same people at different times, but I imagine Elliott to be top-quality housemate material. See for yourself.


hi, i'm elliott. i'm 24, an old soul with a young spirit. i'm a musician, but i have a practice space where i make most of my noises. i'm involved in a few different fun activist projects, but try to keep my life pretty balanced. for work i do childcare, senior care, dog-walking, and piano lessons. i'm an omnivore, but i was vegan for 7 years. i use substances, but very occasionally and lightly. i'm clean in particular ways: i hate clutter but i don't mind dirt. i think chores are important. i'm a social roommate, but i also enjoy my alone time. i don't have pets but i like them, unless they aren't trained well. i've been living in communal houses with up to 14 people at a time since i was 18. ideally i'd like to live with 3 or 4 other people, but i'm flexible. i'm looking to move as soon as possible, and want to stay in west philly. i can pay up to 400 a month, but would prefer something in the 250 range. my ideal house would be low-drama, trans-friendly, and relatively quiet. if you're looking for a roommate, please get in touch with me: philadelliott (at) gmail (dot) com or phone: two six seven, 505.9099. thanks! -elliott

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