Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sublet wanted for nice lady and her boyfriend

Liza is so charming. I know her now because she's such good friends with Tina, Kate, Sharon, Allison H, that whole crew. The post-LadyFest crew. (Yeah, that's how I met all of them almost ten years ago.) But I knew Liza first! Dibs! because she was friends with Roz P in middle school. Liza recently told me that the night we met, it was Liza's first boy-girl party. I think it was Roz's birthday party. All I remember was that Liza had a maroon corduroy purse and I thought it was sooooo cool and she was sooooo cool. Now Liza's friend Sarah needs a sublet.


Hey Friends! I have a good friend (Sarah, you may know her) looking to sublet a room or apartment starting in January. It's her and her boyfriend so they are open to sharing a room, being in a larger house, a 1 bedroom apartment, lots of situations. Just wanted to put the word out if anyone hears of anything. Thanks!


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