Thursday, October 20, 2011

Palestine: Another EXCELLENT volunteer/educational opportunity

This more or less speaks for itself. My friend (and former camp counselor, right, H?) Hannah M has been working on this project of annual delegations for eight years. I super trust her analysis. She's not going on this trip but it's her colleagues leading it. If I could go, I would! Rock on.


Apply by November 14, 2011!

The Health and Human Rights Project (HaHRP), a project of American Jews for a Just Peace (AJJP), announces its next delegation to Israel/Palestine, and we encourage all who are interested to apply!


Approximately 15 people interested in traveling, meeting, and/or working in Palestine for two weeks and bringing their experiences home to work for justice in their own communities.


A 2-week program organized with Lubna Alzaroo and Ryvka Barnard (a colleague and friend of Hannah Mermelstein), during which we will meet with Palestinian community leaders, activists, doctors, lawyers, farmers, families and more. During the first week, we will be traveling in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and inside Israel, deepening our understanding of Israeli apartheid in all of these areas through meetings with Palestinian and Israeli people. While we are unable to travel in Gaza as a group, we will attempt to have contact with colleagues there through video conference. During the second week, participants will have the opportunity to work directly with community organizations according to their skills and the needs of the local population.


January 1-January 15 (includes travel time)


We started the project 8 years ago, organizing yearly delegations to lend our support and expertise in the medical field, document facts on the ground, and work in coalition with Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. Over the years we have broadened our scope to include meeting and working with Palestinian and Israeli human rights activists and participating in international solidarity work with Palestinian people and organizations. We have been asked to join in Palestinian-led nonviolent resistance on the ground; to witness daily life under occupation and share our experiences with our own communities; to participate in the growing global movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel; and to amplify Palestinian voices in the West, where they have historically been silenced. As such, we have designed the trip to facilitate participants in developing relationships with Palestinian and Israeli activists on the ground which will inform and strengthen our work at home for peace and justice.


Please write to to request an application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through November 14, 2011. Please let us know ASAP if you’re interested, as spots fill up quickly!


-All accepted participants will pay a $300 non-refundable registration fee. This fee will go towards funding for the trip organizers and materials.

-Upon arrival, participants in the first week of travel will pay $750. This covers all lodging, transportation, food, and tours for the week. For the second week, we will split costs amongst the group as we go. Since we will be traveling less, we estimate costs for the second week to be approximately $300.

-You are responsible for your own airfare, which may range from $1,000-$1,500 round trip.

Delegation members are encouraged to fundraise before and after their trip, both for their own expenses if needed, and to help fund HaHRP.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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