Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do you have extra space for Emily Apr 20-May 17? For money?

Anna (who had a stinkin cute baby and I got to hold him and it was magical!)'s friend K sends the following email:
My friend Emily (from Utah AND Penn) is crashing Philly from Berlin, Apr 20-May 17, and I thought maybe you guys might know someone with some extra space? Would be much appreciated if you guys have any leads.
This is the type of situation that's always a little awkward--nobody is going to happen to be out of town during that time, but perhaps someone's got an extra bedroom that's waiting for a new housemate but hasn't found one yet. anyway keep Emily in mind! Because Emily went to Penn, tour guide services don't seem to be necessary. :) Emily is interested in subletting or couch-surfing.


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