Thursday, April 5, 2012

Work at the co-op!

I got this email. Maybe you did too. Get psyched! Say goodbye to our friend Dana and say hello to someone new, possibly you, getting paid to hang out in the sparkly new Mariposa right here in West Philly the Best Philly.

Dear Members,

Our esteemed Membership Coordinator Dana [...] is leaving Mariposa Food Co-op in May 2012....

Beginnings and endings go hand in hand, and Mariposa has begun the search for its next Membership Coordinator. Please find the position description below and online on our hiring page:

Mariposa Food Co-op is seeking a new Membership Coordinator to join our Staff Collective! We are a 1300+ member-owned and -operated cooperative grocery store in West Philadelphia. We have recently expanded our operations and our membership is increasing in size quickly. Our unique staff collective structure enables us to accomplish unified goals without a general manager and make decisions on a consensus-seeking basis. We are interested in applicants who have previous experience managing large numbers of individuals, particularly coordinating people in a volunteer organization and/or working within a cooperative model.

As our membership numbers increase we are looking for our new Membership Coordinator to continue to develop and refine methods and practices for our entire member program: including our tracking systems and informational databases. We are looking for someone with an understanding of member-run organizations, who both values and is able to engage members in leadership and democratic participation. A major part of this job is interacting with people; only candidates with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills who meet the criteria outlined below need apply.

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