Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey, friends who've been standardized patients!

Remember when we were pelvic models? We loved it. Some of us still do it! This is a different kind of standardized patient role, in which you get to keep your clothes on. Hmm. Interesting. This was sent to me by Elizabeth, a whole new Elizabeth who I definitely met years ago but can't quite place. The best part was when I said, "Oh, I remember you from Lesbian Grease!" to which the response was "....?"
I’m working on a project in three federally qualified health centers and we are looking to connect with some professionally trained standardized patients.  Each clinic has 2 BHCs (behavioral health consultants) who are imbedded in primary care and work in tandem with the nurse practitioners/physician’s assistants/docs. The work would be paid and involve weekly visits with the behavioral health consultants at each of the centers.  Ideally we’d have one standardized patient per center who would meet Friday afternoons for 2 hours mid June-mid July (although the dates are subject to change and there’s some flexibility).
The work we’re doing is expanding on the behavioral health integrated primary care model by including SBIRT (screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment) for drug and alcohol use.  We’re working with very skilled practitioners but because this is part of a research study that will hopefully inform future work around the country, we want to demonstrate that not only were they trained in training rooms and practiced with other staff, but that they were also further practiced with standardized patients.  Also, they’ve asked for more “real life” practice in the clinical setting, so it’s perfect.
Interested applicants should contact Elizabeth Byrne at ebyrne [at] nncc [dot] us or 267-seven/six/five-2319

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