Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey I'm Subletting My Sweet Room in S. Berkeley for 6-8 Weeks Starting June 8th

My beloved friend Sascha is the best. Really the best. He got me almost all the punk points I have, he's thoughtful and loving and enthusiastic and curious, but none of these things matter because all you have to do is know that he likes living with awesomeness. And so can you!

Hey I'm Subletting My Sweet Room in S. Berkeley for 6-8 Weeks Starting June 8th

Please spread the word!  Please post to any lists you think would be appropriate. You have to either know me or have good references. It's an attic room with roof access (amazing sunsets) and lots of really good books. You have to like living in a collective house with a bunch of very sweet and sometimes messy people. My room plus utilities comes out to about $450 a month. I'm a little flexible on the dates. I'm going to teach at Esalen for a month and then I'll be in NYC till the beginning of August.
Here's my house description below. If you're interested drop me a line!
We are a colorful collective house in Berkeley (on a bicycle boulevard and three blocks from Ashby BART.) Our house, known as Fort Radical has gray water, wireless, solar panels, a bike rack, and a beautiful backyard with a fire pit. Our garden is home to a variety of fruit trees, chickens as well as seasonal vegetables. There are currently 9 of us. We love consensus decision making, direct communication and have fun living our DIY lifestyle. We are a house of mixed straight and queer folks. We range in age from 19 to 46 and because of this there's an awesome diversity of hobbies and interests in the house, and tons of creative sharing; from our jobs, school and activist duties to crafts, music, dancing, food and friends. What makes our house so rad is that we accept and support each other. Also we love hanging by our fire pit together, and inviting our neighbors and friends!
 Most of us come from the punk/anarchist/traveler culture and wonderfully smelly friends come through from time to time. Some of us are vegan but the majority are vegetarian or omnivore. We don't buy food together, but we love cooking for each other! Dumpstering, sharing and mixing food from our community garden and our own backyard garden is very much encouraged. We love animals and we already have 6 cats and 1 small dog; certain pet friend additions to the house could be a good idea, but we're not sure.
Our house is owned by a non-profit organization called Cooperative Roots which is run by the occupants of our house and the house next door (Fort Awesome) so technically we're our own landlords. Cooperative Roots strives to create "affordable and ecologically sustainable housing, empower people to create cooperatives, and strengthen local communities through shared resources and education".
If you are interested, please e-mail sascha for more details: scatter [at] theicarusproject [dot] net

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