Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HIV Nurse Practitioner sought! Get psyched!

I've already told you how great I think Kate is. Or, alluded to the greatness somewhat obliquely. So, here is a job posting she sent me. And hey, it's a nursing job! Advanced practice and HIV-related. So exciting. Are you this person? Do you know this person? Do you wish you knew this person? Yes, you do. (Maybe someday I'll be this person. But I'm not yet, so it's up to you!)

Here is the preface from Kate:
We’re looking for an HIV Nurse Practitioner at the Health Annex—this
could be a full or part-time position.  If you know anyone who is
interested, please have them send a resume and cover letter to Emily
Nichols (enichols [at] fpcn [dot] com). Thanks!! [brackets added by Ed.]

Family Practice and Counseling Network / RHD, Inc.


JOB TITLE: HIV Nurse Practitioner (part time or full time)

• Master’s degree in Nursing
• Graduate from an accredited nurse practitioner program
• Current RN and APN licenses from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
• Current national board certification
• Physical and emotional ability to perform the duties and responsibilities associated with the
• Proficiency in basic computer skills.

• At least three (3) years prior experience serving HIV patients as a Nurse Practitioner

Upholds the health center mission by assuring that patients receive health care that is competent,
caring, cost-effective, and meets with a high degree of satisfaction; supports fiscal stability of the

SETTING: Nurse-Managed Community Health Center serving low-income and vulnerable

• Works with a multidisciplinary team to provide HIV primary care services to our HIV
positive adults, including medical assessment, diagnosis, treatment, referral and follow-up
• Provides primary care services to patients of all ages (or adults if an adult NP), including
medical assessment, diagnosis, treatment, referral and follow-up
• Collaborates with the HIV Care Coordinator in the administration of our HIV Primary Care
• Proficient in the management of acute and chronic conditions, both simple and complex
• Practices using accepted evidence-based criteria and established clinical practice guidelines
• Consultation with collaborating physician and other members of the healthcare team when
• Ability to work in a culturally competent capacity within a community-based setting with
patients who are of varying economic, ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds
• Possession of exemplary interpersonal and communication skills with both internal and
external customers
• Practice and behaviors reflect fiscal responsibility in appropriate balance with quality patient
• Defined productivity standards are proactively worked towards and established goals met
• Demonstration of good time management skills and follow through
• Responsible behavior in regards to attendance, punctuality, and schedule coverage
• Attendance and participation in meetings, mandatory in-services, educational programs, and
other activities in order to stay informed and current
• Maintenance of required amount of continuing education credits as defined by specific
governing bodies associated with the position (managed care organization, national
certification organizations, etc.)

Knowledgeable and supportive of policies, procedures, and guidelines associated with
practice setting

Mild to moderate physical effort. May be on feet long periods of time. Routine keyboarding

Medical office environment with adequate lighting and ventilation.

Potential exposure to communicable diseases, blood-borne pathogens. Potential for high levels of
stress associated with population served and demands of job.

Primary Care Coordinator

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