Friday, May 18, 2012

My roommate and one of my favorite people of all time, Delia, sent the following email this morning, which I entreat you to respond to as I will -- with money! She does incredible work with incredible kids and they really should have heaps more money than they do.
Dear Family, 

I have launched a campaign on indegogo, a website for non profits to raise money for projects. Our project is to take our wonderful students on a year long tour of North Philadelphia. This is their neighborhood and we are working on generating all types of ways for them to interact positively within their own community. Our students are so capable and so talented, they just need opportunities!

I'm asking you all, as my family, to help me circulate this. We are trying to raise 5,000 dollars. We currently have a donor who will match whatever we raise up to 150,000 this year.If you know of anyone with a specific interest in projects like ours please feel free to email this around! This is a great way for people to be able to give in very small amounts. 

Thank you all for your endless support!

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  1. Thanks Yonah!!! It's true, the more money we have...the more kids we can enroll!