Monday, September 17, 2012

Tutor a tween in art!

This is from my bestie, Sharon. She is a West Philly artist herself, but she is very busy running a highly successful dog-walking/pet-care company. So she recommends that you look into this excellent opportunity for fun and awesomeness!!

hey West Philly artists-

I heard about a job opportunity to tutor a tween girl one-on-one, once a week or so, in art! Her mom wants her to have a mentor and learn lots of different media and styles. It sounds awesome, so get in touch with me if you want more info!

You can drop a comment here, hit me up for Sharon's info or (since you know me) maybe you know Sharon and can contact her directly. I love her. We recently had delicious Indian food together and she wisely ordered nan without which we would have been bereft and distraught and beside ourselves and everything would have been tragic. I'm just saying, Sharon knows how to order Indian food so you should trust her on this.

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